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Fifties Chix: Travel to Tomorrow (Book 1)

Fifties Chix: Travel to Tomorrow (Book 1) - Angela Sage Larsen Travel to Tomorrow is the first book in the Fifties Chix series, and it is a time-travel (or at least dimension-hopping/alternate reality) themed story. This was definitely a book devoted heavily to setting up the premise and introducing the characters, but that is fairly typical for first books in series like this. A lot of questions were raised, but very few of them were actually answered.

A glossary of terms and people is included at the back of the book, which was helpful, but the tone of the entries often felt like the author was trying too hard to use modern slang to define the 50s slang, and the result was less than successful, at least from my perspective. Of course, I am also not precisely in the target audience for the book, so it is entirely possible that I am out of touch. I'll have to show it to my sister and see what she thinks.