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One Good Knight

One Good Knight - Mercedes Lackey All Princess Andromeda really wants to do is to be useful to her mother, the queen. Problem is, her mother doesn't seem to realise that Andie is competent at anything, and she marginalises Andie's accomplishments. It also doesn't exactly help matters that Andie is half-blind without her glasses, or that she doesn't exactly fit the standard for Acacian beauty (especially when compared to her mother, who is gorgeous).

I was able to identify reasonably well with Andromeda as a character, and I enjoyed the various twists on the story (even if they were telegraphed fairly clearly...which is actually something of the point in this series--the more you know The Tradition the better able you are to work with or around it. At the very least, you will be able to figure out what's going on to a greater degree).

The conclusion elements of the story seem just a little bit rushed, but given the type of book this wasn't exactly unexpected. All in all I classify this as a light, fun read.