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Wicked Weaves

Wicked Weaves - Jim Lavene, Joyce Lavene This is one of those books where the concept is very interesting, but I felt that it sort of failed when it came to execution and getting the facts/setting right.

The setting is a Ren Faire--a permanent one. While there may be permanent Renaissance Faires in existence, all the ones I know of (at least in the United States where this book is set) are temporary things. They are open for a period of weeks or months, often in the late summer and through the autumn months. Given the descriptions, the Renaissance Faire depicted in the book seems more like a living history/reenactment museum mixed with a theme park.

On the storytelling front, well, it felt more like work to read this than anything else. I had trouble caring about the characters, and the mystery wasn't particularly compelling to me either. Nothing about it really had me wanting to read any more books in this series.