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Much Ado About Magic

Much Ado About Magic - Shanna Swendson The Enchanted Inc/Katie Chandler novels are easily some of my favourite books. They have just the right blend of elements to make me inordinately happy when I read them, and I'm nearly always in the mood to reread them. I felt the fourth book ended well, but I still wanted to read more about Katie and Owen and Merlin and Rod and all the rest.

So I was extremely happy when I found out Shanna Swendson would be publishing the fifth book in the series as an ebook. I carefully marked the release date on my calendar so I could be sure to purchase a copy (and I really hope there will also be a print edition at some point in the future, because I do so like my books to match in format where possible).

This book did not disappoint in the slightest. I was torn between wanting to savour it slowly and wanting to gobble it up in big chunks of delightful storytelling. It had been a few months since I read the previous books in the series, but I was able to slide right back into the story and connect with the characters once more. The pacing was excellent and I think this book would provide a pretty good entry point to the series (though you will definitely get more out of it by reading the previous books first).

At the very end of the book was a teaser for the sixth book, which is slated to come out in ebook format on 1 October 2012. I already have the date on my calendar, and am eager to see what will happen next.